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Lammers Stained Glass & Gifts

Lammers Stained Glass, Gifts & Antiques Gallery features Eastern North Carolina’s largest selection of quality Stained Glass Panels, Tiffany Style Lamps, Suncatchers and Custom Stained Glass work.

With over 8,500 square feet to explore, enjoy and perhaps get lost! Our unique store is full of surprises, including a huge variety of hand blown glass balls, discs, starfish, and vases, crystal prisms, soy candles, bath and body, glycerin soap, goats milk soap, sterling silver jewelry, gourmet foods & gifts , art glass, equestrian accents, home & garden décor including Corinthian Bells wind chimes,  Antiques from A-Z , and a whole lot more.

Come See Us, we are located 7 miles north of the Outer Banks Wright Memorial Bridge, on the Currituck mainland.

We’re Fun, Funky & You make us Fabulous!

Featured Products
Blown Glass Tree of Life Ball - Autumn  Blown Glass Tree of Hope Ball Blown Glass Tree of Life - Thanksgiving 
Blown Glass Tree of Life Autumn Blown Glass Tree of Life
The fiery ambers of Fall bring to mind a magical sunset on a cool Autumn night. The trees explode with color just before the winter slumber.
Blown Glass Tree of Hope Ball Blown Glass Tree of Hope Ball
This tree of life ball is sure to help keep anyone’s spirits high as they are continually reminded of the strength and hope they never knew they had. May be hung indoors or outdoors. Because they are hand blown, no two are alike!
Blown Glass Tree of Life Thanksgiving Blown Glass
Tree of Life Thanksgiving
We have many blessings in life that we often take for granted... We should give thanks the year - round - not only at the time of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Gratitude consists of being more aware of what you have, than what you don’t. The Tree of Thanksgiving is a symbol of how like a tree we to can nurture those around us by being thankful & giving back in the form of simple gestures of thanks.
Blown Glass Memory Teardrop Blown Glass Starfish   Blown Glass Spiral Disk
Blown Glass Teardrops Blown Glass
Memory Teardrop

These gorgeous teardrop shaped ornaments are perfect for any window, display stand, a tree in your yard or garden, and are a truly pure way of remembering someone or lending them strength in difficult times.
Blown Glass Starfish Blown Glass Starfish
Green & Lime
These beautiful hand blown glass starfish are truly amazing works of art, and make great mementos of a trip to the beach or a special time and place.
Blown Glass Spiral Disk Blown Glass Spiral Disk
Original hand blown disks that are characterized by dynamic swirls of richly colored glass captured in layers of crystal. The handmade process elicits variations in the color and tightness of the twist.
Oak Leaves Stained Glass Nightlight or Suncatcher  Cornucopia Stained Glass Nightlight or Suncatcher Blown Glass Rhombus 
Stained Glass Fall Oak Leaves Stained Glass Fall Oak Leaves
Fall leaves are beautiful there is no doubt, so why not have a few you don't have to rake or sweep adorn your home or office?
Stained Glass Cornucopia Suncatcher or Nightlight Stained Glass Cornucopia
The perfect fall stained glass ornament. Also, remember you can enjoy it at night too by using our rotating nightlight fixture! The choice is yours, but we are sure you'll give yourself thanks for either one.
Blown Glass Rhombus Orb Blown Glass Inspirational Rhombus
Looking for "Inspiration"? Well look no further! These beautiful one of a kind hand blown glass "Rhombus" ornaments are full of inspiration. Much like life, there are times when we just need to look deeper and be inspired to do so.
Blown Glass True Love Oil Lamp Aqua, Green, Blue Hanging Crystal Prism Cluster Chakra Blown Glass Friendship Vase - Sweet Tart
Hand Blown Glass True Love Oil Lamp Blown Glass
True Love Oil Lamp - Plum Duff
Whether you are witnessing someone else's true love, or relishing in your own, these beautiful blown glass oil lamps are the perfect symbol of the ultimate find in life . . . . True Love!
Hanging Crystal Prism Chakras Hanging Crystal Prism Chakra
These brilliant Crystal Chakra Suncatchers are great for bringing  some balance into your home, car ,office or any other space that needs color and positive healing energy.
Blown Glass Love You Vase Blown Glass
I Love You Vase
These beautiful blown glass vases are the perfect way for you to say "I Love You" over and over.

Garden Decor & Equestrian Accents
 Running Horse Cast Iron Plant Hook Solid Brass & Copper Horse Weather Vane Cast Iron Cowboys at Fence Key Rack
Cast Iron Horse Decor Cast Iron Horse Plant Hook
This beautiful and rustic plant hanger is the perfect way to add some equestrian flair to your already stunning flowers and plants!
Horse Weathervane Solid Brass & Copper Weather Vane
"Running Horse"
A truly stunning addition to any home, barn stable or even your deck! Show the world how much you love your horses!
Cast Iron Equestrian Accents Cast Iron "Cowboys"
Father & Son Key / Tack Rack
This adorable Father & Son Cowboy Key Rack is perfect for hanging keys, leashes, and tack.
Horseshoe Almond Soap OBX Pony All Natural Glycerin Soap OBX Pony All Natural Glycerin Soap
Horseshoe Almond Soap Horseshoe Almond Soap
This wonderful almond Horseshoe soap is what you will want to reach for every time you wash. It is also beautiful as a decoration piece in a soap basket. A great gift for horse lovers.
Glycerin Soaps All Natural Glycerin Horse Soap The perfect way to wash up after a long ride, with a wild mix of bergamot, lime, and sandalwood. Place them around the house and out in the wash sinks!
Stained Glass Horse Head Free Form Panel Stained Glass Horse Head
Custom colors available
This beautifully handmade stained glass horse head id the perfect way to accessorize  a window with a representation of your favorite companion!

White Chocolate Cherry Cheeseball & Dessert Mix

Bittersweet Herb Farm Lemon Pepper Oil

Lemon Garlic Finishing Sauce

Gourmet Cheeseball Mixes Wind & Willow
White Chocolate Cherry Cheeseball & Dessert Mix

Tart cherries and sweet creamy white chocolate combine to bring a new year-round favorite. A cheeseball of course, but also a fun and versatile quick cheesecake recipe as well.
Bittersweet Herb Farm Gourmet Oils Lemon Pepper Oil 
You can easily add depth and layers of flavor to any dish with just a splash from the bottle.
Gourmet Finishing Sauce Bittersweet Herb Farm
Lemon Garlic Finishing Sauce
 It's classic blend or tart lemon and smoky garlic goes well with chicken, fish, pasta, and is a vegetarian’s dream sauce!

Beanpod Candles Soybeads
Beanpod Soybeads Beanpod Candles Soybeads
Versatile. Creative. Innovative. Have some fun and explore your creativity with Soy Beads from Beanpod Candles. Mix, Melt, Or Sprinkle! It's all up to you! These amazing fragrances await your creative desire!